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Gonzalez Insurance Agency has the experience and expertise to help you find the right commercial liability insurance.  We will get to know your specific situation, including your business size, location, years of experience, and other factors that are important to selecting the right insurer and coverage for your business. 

What Is Commercial Liability Insurance?

Commercial liability insurance helps protect your business by handling claims for property damages and bodily injuries that occur during usual business activities. Without protection, you’d have to pay for these expenses out of pocket.

Who Needs Commercial Liability Insurance in Florida?

In Florida, 4 out of 10 business owners are likely to deal with a property or general liability claim in the next 10 years.  Unforeseen incidents, such as a customer getting injured after slipping and falling, can place any business at financial risk.

What Does Commercial Liability Insurance Cover?

Commercial liability insurance helps cover your costs to respond to a claim that your business caused bodily injury or property damage. It can help pay for:
  • A client’s or customer medical cost if they slip and fall in your business

  • Repair expenses to fix a fence that your employee accidentally damaged while working at a client's home

  • Legal expenses to defend your business in a claim

  • Settlements and judgments from a client’s or customer claim

Commercial liability insurance can help protect lawsuits of:

Property damage or bodily injury that your business causes.

Reputational harm resulting from slander, libel, violating a person’s privacy, wrongful eviction, and more.

Advertising injuries, such as copyright violation from your business advertising.

Medical costs if your client or customer hurts themselves while on your business premises.

Damage to rented property produced by a covered loss such as explosion, fire, or lightning.

What commercial Liability Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Be aware that commercial liability insurance doesn’t cover everything. For some claims, you’ll need different kinds of liability insurance to give your business more protection.

A commercial liability insurance policy won’t help your business with:

  • Commercial car accidents that your employees or you produce while driving for work.
  • Employee injuries or illnesses resulting from their work. Workers’ compensation insurance gives your employees benefits to help them recover from a work-related personal injury.
  • Damage to your own business property. You’ll be required to get a commercial property insurance policy to help cover your rented or owned business equipment and building.
  • Errors in professional services that your business provides. Professional liability insurance can help protect your legal expenses if a customer sues you for an error in the services provided.
  • Claims that cost more than your policy limit. You’ll need commercial umbrella insurance to help extend your general liability limits to cover expensive claims.
  • Illegal acts of malpractice that you or your employees did consciously.

The Dangers of Not Having commercial Liability Insurance

Judgments, settlements, legal defense fees, and court costs can be extremely expensive. If someone files a lawsuit against your business:

  • You’ll need legal counsel, which can easily cost over $100 per hour.
  • Costs could easily exceed $75,000 if the claim ends up in court.
  • You may need to spend thousands of dollars even if the lawsuit gets dropped.

When you add the legal secretaries, cost of administrative work, and any judgments or settlements, your business could face a bill totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. The right commercial liability insurance policy can help your business cover these costs.

How Much Does commercial Liability Insurance Cost?

Your commercial liability insurance cost depends on several factors. One factor is your type of business. Companies in higher-risk industries pay a higher cost compared to lower-risk businesses. For example, construction companies are charged a higher rate than consulting companies. 

Other factors that can affect your commercial liability insurance cost include your company’s:

  • Years of experience
  • Location
  • Size
  • Building condition
  • Policy details, like coverage limits and deductibles
  • Insurance claims history

The best way to find out your specific cost is to get a quote. You can tailor your policy to fit your specific needs. Get a quote today to find out how to get liability insurance to protect your business.

Why Do You Need Commercial Liability Insurance in Florida?

Many business owners wonder why they need commercial liability insurance. The answer is simple. As a growing business owner, this insurance helps protect you from expensive liability lawsuits. An expensive claim can arise during typical business events, such as:
  • You or your employees representing a client

  • Meeting with clients face to face

  • Working on or with another person’s property

  • Using third-party locations for business activities

  • Advertising your business

A lot of clients want confirmation that you have this coverage before they sign a contract with your business. You can prove you have commercial liability insurance with a certificate of insurance.

Is commercial liability insurance required by law?

You are not required by law to purchase commercial liability insurance. However, many of the people you do business with will likely have commercial liability insurance requirements written into contracts. That means you may require a policy if you want to sign a commercial rent or a customer contract. Proof of commercial liability coverage is also required to apply for certain professional licenses.

How much commercial liability insurance do I need?

The amount of commercial liability insurance you need depends on factors such as the type and size of your business, number of employees, and the type of customers you typically work with. However, many small businesses opt for the standard $1 million / $2 million commercial liability policy. This means the policy will pay up to $1 million to cover any one claim, with a $2 million limit for the duration of the policy, which is typically one year.

Do independent contractors need commercial liability insurance?

Commercial liability insurance for contractors provides protection when a customer or client holds you liable for an injury or property damage. Your clients may require you to obtain this coverage before entering into a contract. Certain industries, such as construction, require independent contractors to carry commercial liability insurance. Even when it’s not needed, an autonomous contractor might purchase this coverage to protect against common claims.

What happens if I cancel my policy?

Canceling your policy immediately may place you at risk of paying more for coverage down the road. Insurance companies normally charge higher rates to businesses that begin and stop coverage. You also leave your business exposed to possible risks if you cancel your protection.


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